10 Things That Can Put You On A Collision Course With Your Best Interests

collisionpixel-mixerpixabaySometimes, things spiral downward and you can lose your sense of what is in your best interest concerning your career and your success. Here are 10 warning signs that you may be on a collision course with your best interests.


1. You are not taking care of your physical health and are run down.

2. Your emotions are all over the place and are reaching extremes.

3. You feel that you don’t care what people are thinking of your actions and will do whatever you want, in spite of them.

4. You feel confused about your situation and how to handle it.

5. You want to run away from your current situation.

6. You are clashing with others in your workplace, without a purpose for doing so.

7. Others are treating you differently and keeping their distance.

8. You cannot define what your best interests are.

9. You are acting out-of-sync with your values.

10. You’ve lost your center and don’t know where you are.


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Hope And Reality

hopepixabayHope and reality: there is a difference between the two. Aligning them serves you. Let’s say you are hoping for a promotion and bonus at the end of this year. Sure, you are hopeful; have you focused on the reality of it happening? Conversely, reality may discourage you about your chances of getting them; have you kept hope alive?

The key is to let hope and reality work side-by-side. You have a goal or dream and allow yourself to be hopeful. Then, you look at the reality of the situation, not as the final determinant, but as a check on what you will have to do to realize your goal or dream. Or, your reality is currently not living up to your expectations so you generate some hope of changing your reality.

Do you currently have an expectation, goal or dream that can benefit by aligning your hope and reality?


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mountainclimberunsplashSometimes, you have to do things that will not have an immediate result or where the end is not in sight. You move forward one step at a time and face whatever comes. It is like climbing a mountain. It asks for your awareness, persistence, excellence and trust.

Can you think of a time you had to climb a “mountain” like this in your career? How did it work out? What skills were most useful to you? What will you do differently when you encounter your next mountain?


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Getting Comfortable With Discipline

disciplinealsenpixabayDo you see discipline as an ally or an enemy? You can look at discipline as an enemy if you: don’t want to make the effort it requires, think it inhibits your freedom or are not convinced of its value. You can look at discipline as an ally if you: recognize that you have control over it, not vice versa, realize that discipline keeps you in movement and concede that it is hard to get things done without it.

What is your relationship with discipline in your work and managing? Any adjustments called for? Making discipline your ally may take some courage and focus, but is well worth it and will lead to your fulfillment and success.


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Thriving Through Change

How have the changes of the US election affected you? Deeply? Not significantly?

Learning to thrive through change is well worth the effort. Take some time to consciously decide how you will move through this time of change.

Here is an animation on change that I did a while ago.

If you have difficulty viewing this video, please access it directly here:

You Always Have Choice

choiceqimonopixabayDo you ever get yourself to a place where you think you have no choice in a situation? That is a falsity. You always have choice. Saying you have no choice is giving away your power.

Thing is, you may have a hard choice in front of you that you would rather not face. Better to face that hard choice. It never serves you to abdicate your power of choice.


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Your 2016 Finish Line

finishjarmolukpixabay2016 will come to end in several weeks. Where do you want to be as you cross your 2016 finish line? Think of the goals and intentions you had for this year. Have you fulfilled them? What can you do between now and the end of the year to create a fabulous finish to 2016?

Remember the power of focus and intention. Move into 2017 in the best way possible!


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Your Evolution

awarepetelinforthpixabayDo you focus on your evolution? The world around you is constantly evolving. If you do not evolve, you will soon be out of touch. You can evolve in many different ways involving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. In order to evolve, you must stay aware of what is happening around you.

It is your choice how you evolve. There is no prescribed way. Change gives you options to choose what is best for you. For example, if your organization is changing its culture, you can decide whether or not the new culture is a fit for you. Or, if you find yourself physically run down or stressed due to changes that have occurred, you can let them get the better of you or get yourself back into shape.

The key to evolving is awareness. Stay aware of what is happening around you and how you want to respond to it.

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Redefining Teams

theatreskeezepixabayAs a society, we have done a lot of work on developing and improving how we work in teams. What if we add to the definition of a good team, minimizing the drama? We have come far in recognizing the importance of emotional intelligence and collaboration. There is still work to be done to lessen the stress and dissonance resulting from interpersonal conflict.

The drama experienced in teams often derives from individuals’ emotional makeup and perspectives. Root causes are not usually pursued. Rather, we attribute conflict to superficial causes and stop there.

We do not have the luxury of bringing group therapy into our team activities, but we can do some things to minimize drama and conflict. When a team is formed, why not recognize the potential for drama and set some guidelines to minimize it? Examples may be: emphasizing the importance of each member’s emotional intelligence, having structures to immediately deal with and resolve interpersonal conflicts or establishing zero tolerance of bullies, unrestricted anger, psychological games or unhealthy competition.

Drama has always been present in teams. Let’s bring it out in the open and deal with it. We will see positive results quickly, leading to happy and productive team members.


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