Bye, Bye!

ID-10094297What are three things that you would be better off without? As you begin the new year, give yourself maximum advantage by letting go of these three things. You are much better off without energy-draining habits, relationships, situations or attitudes negatively affecting your life. When energy drains are eliminated, you create room for new and better things to come into your life.

What are you ready to say “bye, bye” to?

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Managing As Roller Coaster

ID-10082551Ah, to have a smooth day of managing without all the ups and downs. Most days, work is a roller coaster of highs and lows.

How do you navigate the ups and downs of your workday? One way to start is to adjust your expectations and accept that, most days, there will be both highs and lows. Then, find ways that work for you to handle the ups and the downs, as they occur. Adjust your perspective, so that you can handle them quickly and efficiently and not get knocked off balance by their presence. Develop ways to navigate them. Create your own machinery to guide your “car” through the roller coaster of managing. You’ll be a better manager and the roller coaster won’t wear you out.



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The Advantage Of Preparation

ID-10056739One of the most significant professional lessons I’ve learned relates to the importance of preparation. In my early career, I would often go to meetings, that did not ask participants for specific preparation, trusting my general knowledge  and my ability to respond in the moment. What I began to find, at some meetings, was that others had prepared for the meeting in ways I had not and that gave them an advantage. Their advantage lay in anticipating the interpersonal dynamics of a meeting by giving thought to who was attending, brushing up on the subject matter ahead of time or thinking out their own goals for the meeting and what results they wanted from it.

Preparation puts you in a place of confidence. With preparation you can influence outcomes, avoid unnecessary clashes and shine in front of others. Preparation is well worth the effort – embrace the advantage it gives you.


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Where’s The Fun?

ID-100289146Fun actually can enhance your performance at work. Do you build opportunities to have fun into your workday? Fun reduces stress. Fun fuels your creativity and imagination and improves your mental health.

Why has fun been written out of many workdays? The reason could be that stress has taken over. We are much too serious. We drive ourselves very hard, to the exclusion of balance.

Could you use more fun in your workday? What can you do to create it?


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10 Ways To Boost your Manager Mojo in 2015

ID-100101787Adding on to my 2014 blog post  here’s 10 more ways to boost your manager mojo.

Mojo: a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective and successful – Merriam Webster Dictionary 

1. Find ways to foster your creativity.

2. Sharpen your emotional intelligence.

3. Do an informal 360 review on your managing.

4. Identify the allies you have in your organization.

5. Pick a managing skill you can improve and work on it during the year.

6. Create a plan for managing your team or projects this year.

7. Start taking breaks when you need them.

8. Identify your 3 biggest challenges this year and how you will handle them.

9. Commit to using your time well.

10. Make one of your dreams come true this year.

Wishing you a fabulous 2015 at your managing best! Thanks for being a part of The Managers Hub community.


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Same Old, Same Old?

ID-100260355When you think of your workday, do you think “same old, same old”? If the answer is yes, change that right away. With all the time, effort and talent you give to your work, vitality and interest in doing it are essential. Your employer holds that obligation, too. Where is it mandated that you have to put up with boredom, lack of enthusiasm or stagnation in your work? Nowhere. Your job should be amazing.


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Do You Co-Create?

ID-100226605There are many ways we can co-create – working with others on a project, being part of a collaboration, seeking muses or sharing a mutual goal with others. The best co-creating is when you choose to do so because the involvement of others will enhance your creativity, performance and end result.

Do you consciously co-create with others? Are conditions in your career right for you to do so? As the world moves forward, co-creating will be a powerful means of doing your best.

What has been your experience with co-creating?


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Saying Goodbye To 2014

ID-10099111As the year ends, here are a few questions to help you close 2014 in a productive way:

• What accomplishments made you proud this year?

• What significant things did you learn this year?

• How did you grow this year?

• What are you happy to leave behind in 2014?

• What would you like to be different in 2015?

Honor who you were and what you did in 2014. From this positive point of view, you can make 2015 a great year!


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