Sudden Shocks

dreamstime_xs_7392531In life and work, sudden shocks can send you reeling. Gratefully, they are not everyday occurrences. Sudden shocks can take the form of an abrupt change of course, unexpected or startling developments in your organization, significant choices posed to you that you must respond to quickly, a key person leaving an organization or your position in the organization changing in big ways. What do you do when you encounter a sudden shock?

Initially, it is important that you regain your center after a sudden shock. You need to step away, calm yourself and see the situation from that place. Even if you think there is no time for this, create the time – it is essential to your making it through. Then, you can assess what you are going to do in response (not reaction) to the situation. As you deal with sudden shocks, be true to your values, maintain your balance and know that you have choice in every situation. You can deal with sudden shocks. They ask a lot of you, but they are a part of life.


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Do You Ever Feel Fear At Work?

ID-100296906We all deal with fear in our lives. A recent New York Times column, Why Fear Kills Productivity provides some good insights and suggestions concerning fear in the workplace.

When you feel fear you can experience physical, mental and emotional effects. At times, there are good reasons to feel fear – perhaps when you feel you will not be able to deliver on a deadline or product or when your job is threatened by cost-cutting, or other things beyond your control. This kind of fear you can find ways to deal with. However, fear due to mistreatment, intimidation or bully bosses has no place at work. That kind of fear is unwarranted and needs to be identified and dealt with constructively. Fear should never debilitate you.

How often do you feel fear at work? Have you given much thought to this?



Note: Interestingly, the New York Times column is written by Tony Schwartz whose work is profiled in an article I referenced recently in my post: Renewing Your Energy Matters As You Manage 

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How Are You Doing In The Holiday Rush?

ID-100203330It can be helpful, in the midst of holiday season, to stop and check in with yourself. It brings you fully to the present moment and puts you in a good place to assess how things are going. How are you feeling as you read this post? Do you feel in balance or stressed with your holiday preparations and obligations? Is a course-correction warranted? Or, some downtime to regroup? If you’d like some tips for the holiday season, check out my previous blog post, 10 Ways to Experience The Holidays With Ease.  May you enjoy the holiday season and thrive in it!


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Renewing Your Energy Matters As You Manage

ID-100243704I recently came across a Harvard Business Review article, Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time . The article has been around awhile, but I found it intriguing and relevant to what many managers deal with today. The basic thesis of the article is that in organizations need to build and sustain the capacity (energy) of their employees. The authors’ write that the core problem with working longer hours to get things done is that time is a finite resource. Energy can be systematically expanded and regularly renewed by establishing behaviors to expand and renew your energy. The article is worth a look, with many good suggestions for managing your energy and a sidebar with questions to ask yourself to determine if you are headed for an “energy crisis”.

How is your energy level in your work and your life? Do you actively sustain a high energy level or do you drain your energy, thus harming your productivity level? Managing your energy level may be the piece you are looking for to “lock in” high productivity and balance in your life. It’s a winner, for sure.


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Managing Through The Holidays

ID-100146438They’re here – the holidays are upon us. Have you given any thought to how you will manage yourself and your team through the holidays? There’s a different energy during the holidays – one of heightened emotions, celebration, distraction, stress and interaction. It is helpful to make adjustments during the holidays so you can limit stress and keep work flowing. You can start this process by considering a few things:

What are your non-negotiable December deadlines? Can you meet them?

How will team members’ holiday vacation days affect workflow this month?

Do you anticipate any emotional upsets, stress or distractions on the part of individual team members that could affect their productivity?

Will you make time for celebration and relaxation for you and your team?

The holidays can be both a fun and a productive time for you and your team. Some planning and a few adjustments can make them so. Make it a good holiday month!


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Where’s Your Enthusiasm?

ID-100292598Do enthusiasm and work go together? They should! Enthusiasm is defined as: intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. You can lose your enthusiasm or you can maintain it – it’s up to you. Perhaps you rarely feel enthusiasm for your work. If that is the case, take another look – what has happened? Did you start your career with a perception that work is drudgery? Did something dampen your enthusiasm? Is what you are doing each day not in alignment with your likes or interests?

If you have enthusiasm for your work, kudos to you! You put a lot into your work each day and enthusiasm assures your engagement and motivation. You deserve to be Working Happy!

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What Do You Do With A Quiet Day?

ID-1006211Quiet days are rare. When one does come along, you can treasure it. Quiet days are essential to a healthy rhythm in your life. They give you a chance to regroup and slow down – what a luxury!

The slower pace of a quiet day puts you in touch with yourself in a way that a faster pace does not. A quiet day is nurturing and restoring.

What do you do with a quiet day?


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Appreciation (A Gift For You)

Power Stories, by Ann VaninoAs we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, I am thankful for you. Your reading The Managers Hub Blog allows me to pursue my passions. With gratitude, I have a gift for you. Click this link to download a copy of my e-book Power Stories: Mythical Tales Of Personal Power at Work, with artwork by Maya Andrea Y. Grillo Massar. The book is available for you through December 5, 2014.

Power Stories are intended to amuse you. They can also inform you. Many of you deal every day with the ups and downs of the work world. Surviving these ups and downs is easier when you look through the lens of personal power at work. What is that lens? It is when you see your work world as a cast of characters and situations specially designed to challenge you and to help you learn and grow.

I hope you enjoy these tales of personal power at work!


What’s Your Speed?

ID-10031355As we cruise to the end of the year, what’s your speed? Are you slowing down or gearing up? Sometimes your speed is dictated by events – deadlines, new developments, business slowing down. Other times,  you have a choice of speeds – fast, slow or in between.

How does the month of December look for you? Will you slow down or gear up? Each has its benefits. Slowing down can restore you, so you can start the new year ready to go. By gearing up, you can get things done and call 2014 a great year.

Ready, set, go – will your speed be fast or slow till the end of the year?


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What Is Your Purpose?

acornPurpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Recently, someone said to me that they really don’t relate when someone suggests they find their purpose. This comment gave me pause. I often use that phrase; that our life’s journey is to find our purpose. Perhaps it comes down to the reason you exist. On one level, it is about the life you create. Do you have a stated purpose for your life? Have you consciously created a direction for your life with a certain aim in mind? Or, has life just happened to you?

You have unique gifts and you can create your life around them. Maybe that’s how you find your purpose – living the life you truly want to live and using your gifts. What calls you?


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