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Friday, March 30th, 2012

Respect for others is an essential element of good leadership that is often disregarded by those who manage. Respect demands honest and frequent communication, acting in a way that affirms others’ dignity, evaluating the effects of actions and decisions on those you manage and treating others as valuable partners

Why is respect so often disregarded? I think many managers are afraid of taking accountability for the choices they make and would rather not communicate or connect on an interpersonal level. Others forget the importance of the people who report to them. Others value other aspects of their business much more than people.

If you are disrespected at your work, even if only once, give this some thought. What is the disrespect communicating to you, whether intended by the other person or not? Is there something to speak up about? Is the organization the right one for you? Do not let disrespect grow. It erodes your sense of dignity and does you no good.

Do You Think for Yourself?

Monday, February 27th, 2012

There are all kinds of things in our society that discourage you from thinking for yourself-time pressures, conformity, not knowing what you need to do, desire to please, fear.  If you do not think for yourself, however, then where are you? You have to be able to set your own direction or you are like a reed in the wind. When you are unsure about something, take some time and be resourceful so you can come to your own conclusions. When someone imposes their thinking on you, or things go too fast and you don’t have the chance to think for yourself, let it be, but learn from it. If you let others do your thinking for you, your life isn’t your own, you are not leading and you soon won’t recognize your life. Think for yourself.

Stepping Back

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Leading is a demanding task. There is a quote by Leonardo da Vinci that addresses the need to step back at times:

Every once and a while, go away and take a relaxing break, and then when you come back to your work, your judgment will be better—because remaining constantly at work will hinder your power of judgment. Move some distance away, because then your work will appear smaller, and more of it can be taken in at a glance, and any lack of harmony or proportion… will be more effortlessly seen.

Stepping back can help you refine and improve your perspective and be a better leader

Your Story

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Recently a friend referred me to an interesting web site: Get Storied. Get Storied is a publishing, educational, and consulting company focused on bringing a bigger notion of storytelling into business consciousness and popular culture.  On the site, Michael Margolis invites you to find your bigger story. He addresses stories in branding, culture, innovation and social change. What is the story of your leadership in the world?

A Strong Wind Blowin’

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Someone once said to me that power lies in the tension between light and dark. What does that mean? I think of a caterpillar in a cocoon just before it metamorphoses into a butterfly. There is both death and rebirth. There is pain and new creation. The tension created releases the old, as it brings new life.

I think we are in a time now where the tension of old and new, of fear and hope is creating a strong wind that is affecting us all. There is polarity, failing societal structures, new ideas, clinging to old ways, frustration with obstacles to change and uncertainty of what is to come. Put all of it in the mix and this wind sets us off balance.

What can you do to stay upright in this wind? Accept that change is occurring and do not cling to the past. Stay grounded. Keep your center and your perspective. Look at yourself as a wind sculpture. Use this wind to your advantage. As a leader, help others stay upright, too. See the beauty in this strong wind and how you can use it to create the life you want to live.