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Goodbye From The Leadership Blog and Hello to The Managers Hub Blog

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Thank you for reading The Leadership Blog by Ann Vanino of Moving Forward Coaching & Consulting. As of May 2012 The Leadership Blog is transforming to The Managers Hub Blog. Come see The Managers Hub, a blog offering opinions, resources, creative ideas and tools, all relating to the art of managing.

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Ease Amidst The Unknown

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

“If you speak to a person who is standing in a powerless position and tell her to take her power, she  becomes frightened because you are implying change. She must step into the mystery of the unknown to become powerful.”

Flight of the Seventh Moon / Lynn V. Andrews

I am seeing beauty within the unknown and it is creating ease. As I let go of fear and resistance, it is a peaceful place with wonderful possibilities. I did not expect this feeling. It took so long to get here. I can live in the unknown now and feel ease. From here, with focus and intent, I will find my way.

After The Apprentice

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Tom Floyd’s “Insight on Coaching” internet radio show. Also on the show were Troy McClain from the first season of The Apprentice and Elizabeth Jarosz from the second season of the show. It was a lively conversation. It showed me that for the contestants on the show and its viewers the learning keeps on going. The Apprentice deals with issues we all face at work. Troy spoke about the intensity of the time limits when he was performing tasks on the show. He learned that under intense time pressure, little bumps become grave errors. He also learned to work with adversity. Elizabeth said that she learned that when leading a team, you need to find a cause bigger than yourself to rally the group. They learned and we learned from watching them.

False Choice: Celebrity Apprentice – Finale

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The final competition between Trace and Piers was set up as good versus evil, aggressive versus nice, dollars versus heart. As if success in business is about choosing between the two. Trump says he loves a good fight and this set-up appeared to delight him. It’s an interesting contrast, but it’s a false choice. It made both contestants uncomfortable-Piers saying I’m being set up as evil and Trace uncomfortable as the dollars added up and the heavy weights turned out for Piers. It provides entertainment and good discussion, but too much intensity either way is what’s wrong with business. Our business world needs balance. We need to take everyone’s strengths and work together-not pit one’s strengths against another’s weaknesses. If we embrace what every individual has to offer and wok together, we’ll have a more productive business environment. How about we change the face of business by bringing values and the dollar together?

Good versus Evil: Celebrity Apprentice Episode Twelve

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Trump says it’s now down to a competition between good and evil. Good and evil. What are the defining lines in business? With the competition down to Trace and Piers, it’s not so clear. Piers produces with harsh tactics. People think he’s mean. He’s smart, has confidence and is driven. Trace has style, character, smarts and is determined to “conclude with my integrity intact”. What’s more important – integrity, performance and style or ruthless drive that delivers? This question plays itself out in business every day around the world. How you choose to go about your business may determine your success. What do you value? Do you deliver? What is “over the line” for you?

It’s down to it. Who will win-Trace or Piers? And what will the winner tell you about business “Trump style”?