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Things are Quieting

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

In my past two days of coaching, I noticed that client’s lives are quieting down. For several reasons – leaving jobs, having some free time, enjoying a success – they find themselves more peaceful. I was supposed to travel this week and my travel was cancelled. My calendar is amazingly clear and I feel an increasing sense of well being. I always recommend balance and taking time. This week is balanced for me, but something else is there. I intentionally did not fill up my calendar. By stopping, I see with fresh eyes. It is not only balance I need, but momentary rest stops. I like this quieting. I wonder if I can make it a regular part of my life. It is a beautiful day in the desert and I can look out the window and enjoy it. Then I can quietly return to work.

Apprentice Blog: Fired!

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

When it got down to the final four, it was interesting to see why people were fired. The four were the cream of the crop. They were being judged from Donald Trump’s point of view. Trump did not like that Frank chose Surya for his final team. They never got along. Why did Frank do it? Trump loved Frank’s drive and many things about him. I think, in the end, Trump did not see the polish and judgement he wants in Frank. Nicole was fired short and sweet. Trump is a believer in romance but not in inter office romance. Bye. James was fired for dialogue? Not sure what that is about, but Trump had to find a reason. Congratulations, Stefani, you did well.


Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

I spoke with a client today who had a disagreeable encounter with someone at work and wants to repair it. There is a silent rule not to get too personal at work, but our emotions don’t always listen. Sometimes attachments occur at work. My client does not want to take back the encounter; she wants to repair it. There is a lot to consider. I think we have to face each situation being fully in the present moment. She can look back at what happened, but the crucial focus is what she wants to do now. Repairs that work often require honesty and they may require time. I suggested she take a moment to look back at the encounter and why it happened-what feelings and principles were involved. Her success lies in the ability to remain authentic, see the other person’s point of view and stay in integrity.

Apprentice Blog: Down to It

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Things are coalescing for the final four. By the end of the show, the usual edge wasn’t there and the four could revel in their success without a firing. It’s good to mix it up once in awhile. For the finale, it’s back to serious competition. I wonder how the four will prepare and reorient their perspective. This is it. And there are four, not two. It’s uncharted territory at this point and that is good.

Sharp Turns

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Sometimes your life and work take sharp turns. They can rattle you. There are benefits and risks involved. You can use the turns to stay sharp and fine tune your adapting skills. I recently heard someone advise that you make your free falls voluntary. You can easily be in a free fall after a sharp turn. I am in a bit of a free fall now and in the midst of uncertainty. I employed the concept of making it voluntary. Not easy, my natural inclination was fear and resistance. I began accepting that a new chapter was beginning. The fear is still there, but I am controlling it; it is not taking me away on dangerous tangents. I find that by controlling the fear, I can be centered as I decide what to do. And I am focusing on my next steps. If I lean into the turn appropriately, I can ride it.