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What Are You Up To?

Monday, January 28th, 2008

What are you up to right now that will improve your leadership skills? If you cannot answer this question, you are falling behind. Leadership skills need constant evolving. You can advance your leadership skills in a variety of ways. It doesn’t have to be a burden or major project. You can observe, study, practice, try new things – all of this will help you evolve your leadership skills. This week, what will you be up to that will improve your leadership skills?

Omarosa: Celebrity Apprentice Episode Four

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Omarosa is much more interesting this season than she was in Season 1. I think it’s attributable to a few things. Someone has coached her to play the game more effectively. Although she still is sassy, she knows when to pull back. She’s out front and engaged — in Season 1 she often held back — remember her playing basketball while her team was renovating a house? She clearly has an alliance with Marilu. She didn’t do too well in her alliance with Kwame in the first season –- will this one be better? Her barbs are better placed and timed. Good for Omarosa –- progress and self-improvement matter. I wonder if she can win.

Questions: Celebrity Apprentice Episode Four

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Is Ivanka rooting for the women over the men?

Is Stephen Baldwin a blowhard?

Is Piers too sensitive to criticism or is it all an act?

Are the men a cohesive team or just lucky?

Are the women over-matched or not together?

Road Trip Nation

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

All youth deserve Roadtrip Nation!
Here’s their story :

It all started with four friends and one dilemma: “what do I
want to do with my life?” Fresh out of college and unsure about
the career paths in front of them, they were determined to
expose themselves to more than just the traditional life roads.
They hopped in an old RV, painted it green, and hit the road to
talk with inspiring people from all walks of life to find out
how they came to do what they love for a living.

Today, Roadtrip Nation has evolved into a PBS series, three
books, an online community, and a student movement. We send
people on the road who are interested in exploring the world
outside their comfort zone, talking with individuals who chose
to define their own road in life, and sharing their experiences
with our generation.

What’s better than that? Much of the unhappiness in the world
today is caused by people living other people‚s dreams, instead
of their own. Let‚s take a leap and provide the next generation
with Roadtrip Nation’s kind of exploratory space. That is a
legacy we could be proud of!

Gene Simmons’ Confidence: Celebrity Apprentice: Episode Three

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

What a task to dissect Gene Simmons’ confidence. He’s arrogant, quiet, smart, confounding, strong, solid, blind, and confident as he runs over people. There’s little room for anyone else in his business world. His team lost. The Kodak executives did not like their product. Was he getting tired of the show? I’m sure he feels he doesn’t need it — he’s king of the world.

Is his style effective? In his world, I bet it is. He runs the show. He doesn’t have to put himself in situations like this. Was it all a set up for the show? Who knows? Gene will only say he’s great. He got his message across. So what if he’s fired.