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False Choice: Celebrity Apprentice – Finale

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The final competition between Trace and Piers was set up as good versus evil, aggressive versus nice, dollars versus heart. As if success in business is about choosing between the two. Trump says he loves a good fight and this set-up appeared to delight him. It’s an interesting contrast, but it’s a false choice. It made both contestants uncomfortable-Piers saying I’m being set up as evil and Trace uncomfortable as the dollars added up and the heavy weights turned out for Piers. It provides entertainment and good discussion, but too much intensity either way is what’s wrong with business. Our business world needs balance. We need to take everyone’s strengths and work together-not pit one’s strengths against another’s weaknesses. If we embrace what every individual has to offer and wok together, we’ll have a more productive business environment. How about we change the face of business by bringing values and the dollar together?

Good versus Evil: Celebrity Apprentice Episode Twelve

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Trump says it’s now down to a competition between good and evil. Good and evil. What are the defining lines in business? With the competition down to Trace and Piers, it’s not so clear. Piers produces with harsh tactics. People think he’s mean. He’s smart, has confidence and is driven. Trace has style, character, smarts and is determined to “conclude with my integrity intact”. What’s more important – integrity, performance and style or ruthless drive that delivers? This question plays itself out in business every day around the world. How you choose to go about your business may determine your success. What do you value? Do you deliver? What is “over the line” for you?

It’s down to it. Who will win-Trace or Piers? And what will the winner tell you about business “Trump style”?

Personal Connections

Monday, March 17th, 2008

One of my values is to establish meaningful connection with people. It helps me grow, fulfills me and keeps life interesting. In the last year, I have come to realize that when I bring my value of meaningful connection with people into my business dealings, it can trip me up. My interest in people can be misread as vulnerability or misused through manipulation. Wanting connection can blind me to certain realities about others. I can honor this value in business dealings, but it needs redefinition. That redefinition involves observing people for awhile before thinking you know who they are, being aware that, in business, you are playing a game that has rules about connection and waiting until people earn your trust. There are many opportunities in life for connection with others. Walk, don’t run, into personal connections with people you do business with.

Speed and No Rolodex: Celebrity Apprentice Episode Eleven

Friday, March 14th, 2008

The task for this episode: in 4 hours create and sell the most Quiznos sandwiches and do it without your rolodex. The results were revealing. Left to their own skills without their contacts, some were at a loss. Piers seemed to hate hawking flyers on the street and being ignored by “rude” (his word) New Yorkers. Lennox didn’t seem to lead as PM – he fell back on his celebrity. Carol pitched in and designed fliers. Trace and Stephen were dedicated to the task, but lost. It didn’t seem like anyone was having fun. Was it the change of focus? Doing things they weren’t used to? Being cut off from their networks?

It’s down to the final four now that Stephen is gone. Not a bad team. Will Piers continue to exhibit his ego? Will Lennox have what it takes? Can Carol do it? Will Trace quietly prevail? We’ll see.


Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

time.jpgI read a great blog post by Byron Van Arsdale on titled: Do You Delegate or Just Tell Others What to Do? In the post, Byron says that delegation takes time, that you must give someone the authority and the responsibility to complete the task and that delegation requires a toleration for failure.

For first time managers, particularly, delegation can take some getting used to. It’s time well spent learning how to delegate, because as a manager you cannot get your job done without good work from the people you manage. It’s as simple as that.