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Caring Managers

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

I came across an interesting article about caring managers by Larrimore C. Crockett.
Crockett says that caring for persons within an organization unleashes a tremendous amount of energy and productivity. Amen. In my early career as a manager, I heard a lot more about being tough than about being caring. There is a path of resistance and a path of flow. Being a caring manager is a path that will create ease as you succeed. Caring does not preclude making hard decisions, asking the most of people and sometimes having to let people go. Caring addresses the fundamental dignity of the individual and motivates your employees by giving them the respect they deserve

New Beginnings

Monday, January 19th, 2009

We are at the start of a new Presidential administration and new directions for the country. At a time of new beginnings there is often excitement, but there can also be anxiety. The unknown is often part of new beginnings. Within the unknown lies both uncertainty and possibility. Our society tends to strive for certainty. I think we should make a bit more room for getting comfortable with the unknown as we experience new beginnings. If you find yourself at a new beginning, work to balance your anticipation. See all aspects and accept them with gratitude for the possibilities that lie before you. New beginnings ask for strength, hope and trust. Let’s embrace the new beginnings we are in and make the most of them.