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Opening the Door to the Hero’s Journey for Youth – Five

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

The third stage of The Hero’s Journey is Refusal of the Call. In this stage, the hero says no to the adventure. There can be any number of reasons – fear, complacency, not knowing how to answer. This refusal is a clarifying stage. By saying no and then later, hopefully saying yes, the hero understands the commitment he or she is making. The Hero’s Journey is not for the feint of heart. Setting off on this journey requires courage. Our youth have many aspects of their lives that may dissuade them from walking their own hero’s journey. Their mentors and allies can help them to see both the opportunities and perils of their journey and to develop want they need to set forth.


Sunday, February 7th, 2010

2010 has the energy of newness and promise. Many of us had significant challenges in 2009 and now there is a new year of possibility. What openings exist now in your life? Take advantage of them so that 2010 can be a year of creativity and positive change.  When openings appear, you have to first recognize them and then walk through them. Don’t dally; there is also a sense of speed to this year. The openings are for now, not later. See the openings in your life and make them work for you.