Respect for others is an essential element of good leadership that is often disregarded by those who manage. Respect demands honest and frequent communication, acting in a way that affirms others’ dignity, evaluating the effects of actions and decisions on those you manage and treating others as valuable partners

Why is respect so often disregarded? I think many managers are afraid of taking accountability for the choices they make and would rather not communicate or connect on an interpersonal level. Others forget the importance of the people who report to them. Others value other aspects of their business much more than people.

If you are disrespected at your work, even if only once, give this some thought. What is the disrespect communicating to you, whether intended by the other person or not? Is there something to speak up about? Is the organization the right one for you? Do not let disrespect grow. It erodes your sense of dignity and does you no good.

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