Are You Mindful?

I just signed up for Zen Habits’ Mindful Eating program. Doing so, I started thinking about being mindful at work and what that means. It is about being fully in the present moment. Doing this in quiet, harmonious surroundings is an advantage. Doing this at work with the pace, interpersonal relationships, stress and physical environment is another thing. What are the advantages of being mindful at work? By being mindful, you bring your best to everything you do. By being mindful, you recognize early signs of stress, conflict, crisis and opportunity. You are healthier, happier, focused and more effective. How to start? Small steps. First, observe how mindful you are in the course of your workday. Answer the question, are you mindful. If there’s room for improvement, take one hour a day to practice mindfulness at work. See where it brings you and go from there.

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