Managers Dissatisfied

Yet another survey has been released that shows that the majority of American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Many reasons are cited. But, the core of the issue is why this situation exists at all.

Managers face many stresses in their jobs. They are the front line and are expected to “get it done” at whatever cost. I think that these stresses, as well as the dysfunction prevalent in many organizations (poor communication, emotional unintelligence, insufficient resources and conflicting agendas) are key contributors to manager dissatisfaction.

If you are a dissatisfied manager, start now to change that. With all you put into your work, you deserve job satisfaction. Some suggestions: identify the top 3 causes of your dissatisfaction; take steps to diminish these causes; resolve to find satisfaction in your work, either in your current job or a new one. With your commitment, anything is possible!