When Management Systems Don’t Work

Sometimes, as a manger, you can have your fill of management systems that are more of a drain on your time and team than they are useful tools for managing. At the same time, it is very difficult to function as a manager without having systems to allocate resources and track projects.  So what do you do if you’ve had your fill of your organization’s management systems, but still have to manage?

I think you have 3 options. One, operate without using management systems. Two, use your organization’s systems that do not give you what you need. Three, develop your own management systems. Option one, operating without using management systems, is fraught with peril. You need systems to manage well. Option two, using your organization’s systems, is causing you frustration, but perhaps you can provide input that results in redesigning the systems so that they work for you. Option three takes it into your own hands. With a program such as Excel or Access, you can design a simple management system that tracks your team’s priorities, time, resources and projects. With several headings (project, priority, tasks, assigned to, status) and weekly input from your team, you can have what you need to manage well.

Management systems do work. Do you have a management system that makes your job easier? I invite you to share it with the readers of The Managers Hub.

Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net