The Tides of Balance

There is an ebb and flow to balance, like the tides of the ocean. How then, do you achieve balance within this movement? You cannot do it with schedules and boundaries alone. Balance is aided by a sense of flow; a realization that hour – to – hour things change and within that change, you must maintain your overall commitment to balance.

An example may be that you have a project that will require an all-out effort for the next three days. You commit to doing what it takes to get the project done, but before you start, you address the effect doing so will have on your balance. You look at the elements you balance in your life, say family, physical exercise or relaxation, and you make a commitment to give time to them right after the project is completed. It’s a re-balancing, after losing balance a bit in order to get the project done.

By acknowledging the ebb and flow of balance, you can attain a level of balance in your life that really works.