Sluggish? – 10 Ways to Get The Energy Going Again

There are going to be times when managers and teams lose momentum and drive. Here are 10 ways to revive your energy:

1. Take a group break – have lunch together with no discussions about work

2. Hold a meeting outside of your offices to create a change of scene

3. Stretch or exercise before the end of the day

4. Take a short break from your computer every hour

5. Do something else for awhile, then return to what you were doing

6. Listen to upbeat music that you enjoy, either while you work or during a break

7. Do a deep breathing exercise or meditate

8. Take a power nap, if you have the opportunity

9. Do something creative-brainstorm a topic you enjoy, draw something, daydream

10. Determine if something specific is draining your energy and eliminate it