10 Things To Think About When It Is Over

We sometimes reach endings – leaving our place of work, the doors of our organization closing, retiring, other transitions. Here are some things to think about when it is over.

1. How you want to end this – in what frame of mind and with what outward actions

2. Who you still have something to say to

3. Who you want to thank

4. What needs to be done, or is left unfinished

5. What you need to protect and how will you do it

6. What you take away with you – learnings, new skills, insights, colleagues, friendships

7. What lies ahead of you

8. What your immediate next actions are

9. What fears exist

10. What opportunities are available to you

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One comment on “10 Things To Think About When It Is Over

  1. Great things to think about, Ann. It’s easy to forget about sometimes during a big transition. Thanks for another great post!

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