10 Ways to Experience The Holidays With Ease

They’re here……. The best way to experience the holidays is with a sense of ease. Here are 10 ways for doing this.

1. Take a look at the holidays with the eyes of a manager – how can you manage them effectively?

2. Identify the “energy drains” you have experienced during past holidays (energy drains are counterproductive forces in your life) and what you will do to eliminate or counter them this year.

3. Identify the level of balance that you want to achieve during the holidays – how much time will you give to work and how much to the holiday season?

4. Be realistic about the demands the holidays put on you. Take the most challenging and figure out how you will deal with them.

5. Create “quiet time” at least twice a week during the holidays, to restore your balance and stay emotionally centered. Schedule it.

6. Find a way to give to others that makes you happy. Create small joys for yourself and others.

7. Talk with your team at work about the holidays now. See how they are feeling about the holidays and what they need and want. Accommodate what you can and set the boundaries of what needs to get done at work. This will give you a better sense of what to expect from your team during this time.

8. Identify 5 things about the holidays that you are grateful for. Openly express your gratitude.

9. Create one new holiday tradition for yourself that creates a sense of ease.

10. Celebrate the holidays with your team.


Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net