Face Time or Results?

Robert Pozen has written an article “They Work Long Hours but What About Results?” that raises an interesting issue for managers. Pozen writes about work environments where people are acknowledged for late hours and working weekends, but efficiency often goes unrewarded. He recommends rather than counting the hours worked, that you judge success by the results produced. He offers good advice for employees to communicate their results to their managers so that  “face time” is not their primary measure.

How do you measure your team’s work? Do you tend to equate long hours in the office with dedication? Do you have biases favoring those who are in the office after hours? The 21st century work world is nimble, agile and demands fast, high quality results. Efficiency thrives in this world. Face time is an outdated notion and best relegated to the lower tier of your success measures.

Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net