Unproductive Drift

A client of mine once called focus the “F” word. Although we sometimes lose focus, it does not serve us to drift too far. Distraction, lack of motivation and fatigue can cause unproductive drift. It happens to me – I’m tired, discouraged or don’t really want to do something and I start drifting.  I am not putting my whole self into what I am doing. There are hazards to unproductive drift. Your mental acuity dulls. Tasks don’t get done. Distractions tempt you. Can you think of a time you experienced unproductive drift? It wouldn’t hurt to sharpen your ability to notice when you begin drifting unproductively. Find ways to stop your drift. I stop it by taking a break and regrouping. Or, by honestly looking at what is causing me to do it and addressing that. I find the source. Keep an eye on your unproductive drifting. You’ll stay on course and be better at what you do.



Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net