Are You Valued As A Manager? – 2

Following up on my last post Are You Valued As A Manager?, here are some questions to get you started in assessing whether you are valued as a manager.

In Your Organization:

• Are you respected by upper management?

• Does upper management support you when you are dealing with issues with your team?

• Do you have the resources you need to do your work? Or, if not, are the reasons clear and you are supported accordingly?

• Are your role and performance measures clearly defined?

• Do you receive positive feedback for your work (recognition and financial reward)?

You Personally:

• Do you feel positively challenged or constricted in your work?

• Do you see your job as a good fit with your skills and talents?

• Are you proud of your work and accomplishments?

• Are your best traits recognized by upper management?

• Are you doing what you love?