Manager Coaching Skills: Asking Powerful Questions

Wisdom comes from within. A key coaching skill honors leading someone to learning, rather than telling them what you think they need to know – by asking powerful questions. The skill lies in your ability to evoke learning by asking a question that focuses their thinking on how they can move forward in a situation, In my coaching training, it was consistently reinforced that good coaching was not about the coach’s knowing what was best for someone, but rather understanding the person well enough to formulate questions that will lead them to their own insights and move them forward. Here are some examples of powerful questions:

• What is your desired result in this situation? (Create focus on results)

• What do you want? (Identify what’s important to them)

• What values are important here? (Staying true to who they are)

• Who has the power to affect the outcome? (Understanding the players)

• What are you willing to do differently? (Getting away from worn patterns)

• What or who is stopping you? (Identifying obstacles)

• What is most important to you in this situation? (Identifying priorities)