The Key To Employee Retention and Satisfaction? Good Managers


“Gallup research shows that people join companies, but they leave managers and supervisors.” This is the premise of an article in the Gallup Business Journal  . The article asks “Do you know who your great managers are? And are you finding more like them? If not, your commitment to becoming an employer of choice is only a buzzword and will never become a reality.”

Whoa – more pressure on managers! How do you take this to heart? For me, the truth of this is that managers can shoulder this responsibility only if they are given the support and resources they need to excel.

It is a good thing to think about, though. How are you managing? Are your best employees getting the resources and support they need from you? Take the pulse of your teams’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction and the reasons why. Do what you can to create the best possible environment for your team and speak up line to your managers about the importance of good management.