What Drains Your Energy as a Manager?

Energy drains are the situations, people, or things that keep you from moving forward. They are counterproductive forces in your life and work. They can slowly empty you of your energy and vitality, without your even knowing they are doing so. Best thing is to identify them, do whatever you can to minimize them and replace them with things that fuel you. What energy drains do you face as a manager?

Here are some examples of energy drains:

  • wasting time or using time inefficiently
  • unnecessary conflict
  • worry
  • clutter and lack of organization
  • negative working relationships
  • doing too many things

Here are some examples of things that can fuel you:

  • taking care of your body – exercising and eating well
  • finding positive ways to cope with stress
  • developing emotional intelligence in your working relationships
  • taking breaks during the day
  • creating interests outside of your work
  • living fully in the present moment

If energy drains are affecting your performance as a manager, say goodbye to them. You have enough to contend with and want to bring your best self to your work.