Getting Out Of A Maze


An intricate, usually confusing network of interconnecting pathways

A physical situation in which it is easy to get lost

Something made up of many confused or conflicting elements


Organizations and situations can quickly turn into a maze. The confusion that results can leave you feeling lost and affects your ability to function well. You can avoid getting into a maze by keeping a clear mind and staying present to what is happening. Here are some ways to identify when you are in a maze and some ways to get yourself out.

You may be in a maze when:

• You find yourself distracted and feel unsure where to go next

• You are frustrated and feeling blocked from moving forward

• You feel you have lost control in a situation

Here are some ways to get yourself out:

• Go back and identify your original intention or goal

• Identify what happened to create these unproductive feelings

• Get away from the situation temporarily and decide what your best next steps are

Real obstacles don’t take you in circles. They can be overcome. Invented ones are like a maze. – Barbara Sher