Managing One Person At A Time

You know that your work involves managing both people and projects. Do you ever find that people managing gets second play to project managing? People make your projects go and sometimes, the needs and drivers of individual team members get lost in assuring a project is managed well. People are complex and the prospect of knowing, much less meeting, individual needs can be too much. However, each person’s individuality must be taken into account if you want to motivate and assure high performance.

Here are some simple ways to put focus on people managing while keeping your eye on project goals and accountability.

• Encourage feedback from your team on a regular basis. You can have “open door” times for people to provide feedback, ask questions or discuss their work

• Schedule debriefings after completion of major projects that provide opportunities for people to identify what went well for them and what didn’t on the project. Ask for their recommendations for improving performance on your next project

• Ed Koch, the late Mayor of New York City was known for frequently asking people in the city, “How Am I Doing?” You can ask that periodically, as well as asking “How Are You Doing?”

If you give these simple ways a try, you will gain a better sense of the needs and drivers of your individual team members, without needing 48 hours in your day.