10 Tips For Meetings That Fuel Your Team

1. Take the time to thoroughly prepare and organize any meeting.

2. Get input on the agenda from participants prior to the meeting. Ask for suggestions on efficiencies.

3. Limit meetings to no more than 90 minutes. If more time is needed, schedule a series of meetings.

4. Start on time and state the goal and desired results for the meeting, as you start.

5. Begin the meeting with a 30 second “check in” from each participant to gauge the energy of  participants.

6. Follow the timeline on the agenda. If more time is needed on an agenda item, readjust the timeline or table for later discussion.

7. Rotate the “facilitation” of meetings by having one participant track the timing on the agenda.

8. Halfway through the meeting, ask participants for a 30 second statement on how the meeting is going and to constructively and briefly suggest efficiencies. Adjust accordingly.

9. Ten minutes before the scheduled close of the meeting, wrap up and identify action items resulting from the meeting.

10. Send a follow up e mail to all participants after the meeting and thank them.


Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net