Managing Through The Rough Spots

Managers manage through good times and bad. The good and bad times can relate to a manager’s organization, to his or her personal life or other external circumstances. Knowing the source of bad times is one aspect of coping with what is happening, but is not enough to get you through. Here are some coping strategies for managing through the rough spots.

• Take a moment to sense your emotions. Are they affecting your ability to manage? If yes, do what you can to deal with them and regain your center.

• Take the “pulse” of your team. Are they being affected? What do they need to keep their work on track?

• Find a way to express your emotions in a way that doesn’t disrupt your work, but does allow you to feel and move beyond them.

• Keep your eye on your goals and the work that has to get done. You may go a bit slower or take a break, but work and managing go on.

• Stay aware if the rough spot is going to be around for a while. Be aware of your own needs and those of your team, so you can make it through in the best possible way.

• Don’t resist or become rigid. Good and bad times are part of the flow of life and work. Learning to navigate them makes you a better manager.