The Promise of Millennials

“Entitled”, “Inexperienced”, “Innovative”, “Misunderstood”, “Social Activists”. These descriptions of the millennial generation (roughly 18-30 year olds) were given by the audience at a New York University alumni event I attended this week. The event featured David Burstein, author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World.

There is a promise for all of us who dialogue and take time to understand this generation, that is now moving out in the world. Blending their perspectives with those of other generations can advance us as a society and global community. They bring to the table a strong entrepreneurial drive, a sense of their own agency, a new brand of social activism rooted in pragmatic idealism, a high level of technological competency, a natural inclination towards collaboration and a healthy skepticism (and sometimes rejection) of our traditional institutions.

The millennial generation embodies the major shifts our societies are now encountering. How powerful it will be if all generations can come together to create a better world.