Your Benchmarks For Managing

We know the value of benchmarks in project design. Sometimes, however, when it comes to managing, we manage by default and do not identify our benchmarks. What are your benchmarks for managing your team this year?

If you want to create your benchmarks, you can get started by identifying your Manager Values (see my previous blog post on manager values) and how you want to lead. Then, do some benchmarking by identifying managers or management approaches that resonate with what you and your team must accomplish. Identify a set of benchmarks for your managing this year. Some examples: regular communication with team on project progress and performance; 90% on – time achievement of team performance goals; limit duration of and attendance at meetings to what is necessary for performance; valuing work/life balance for yourself and team members, while assuring performance.

Keep your benchmarks visible and check your managing against them periodically. Benchmarks help you focus on the effectiveness of your managing and will improve your performance overall.