Ten Ways To Make The Most Of Uncertainty

Uncertainty is not a stranger to those of us who manage. Although you may prefer certainty, when uncertainty rises, you can use it to your advantage. Here are ten ways to make the most of uncertainty.

1. Examine where you and your team feel most vulnerable. Take that information and make a plan to shore up areas of vulnerability for the future.

2. Foster creativity and innovation as you and your team deal with the uncertainty. When things are shaken up, the environment can be just right for innovation.

3. Use the time to build team cohesiveness. Listen to your team’s concerns, insights and ideas.

4. Explore the source of the uncertainty and let it inform how you go forward and deal with it when it comes again.

5. Create a new approach for your team that acknowledges the presence of uncertainty.

6. Create some assumptions within the uncertainty, to guide how you will go forward.

7. Identify a series of what – next scenarios and decide if any preparations are warranted.

8. Use the time to practice stress and anxiety reduction methods and see which work best for you and your team.

9. Let the uncertainty inform you by what it reveals concerning your organization.

10. Accept that uncertainty is almost always present in managing and find continuing ways to deal with it effectively.


photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net