Your Point Of View


Your individuality creates a unique lens from which you see the world – your point of view. Your point of view is often shaped by your life experiences. Many advise managers to be objective in their dealings with others. To be truly objective, your unique lens must be removed. I’m not sure that is possible. However, increasing your awareness of your point of view and how it affects your communications and actions goes a long way in managing and communicating effectively.

Your point of view is your manner of seeing things. Say you have a team member who is frequently late arriving at meetings. That’s something you can address directly – be on time for meetings. However, if some past experience you had makes being late to meetings a “hot button” for you, it can negatively affect your ability to communicate because the emotions of the past experience are getting in the way. To be effective, you will have to not let the “hot button” affect how you deal with the team member. Your point of view doesn’t go away – in many situations it is a strength – you just need to know how to keep it in check when you need to.

If you are not sure about your point of view’s impact on your managing, the best way forward is self-observation. Be aware of how you respond to different situations and what they bring up for you. Soon, you will build your awareness and will know when your point of view is an asset and when it is a hindrance.