Create Some Open Space – This Time, For Getting Things Done

Creating Open Space is often referenced in relation to creativity and innovation – where open space serves the purpose of letting your imagination flow. There’s another way to use open space – to get things done. This use of open space is more like a stop point – creating time to address things that are weighing on you. In coaching, we call these things that weigh on you, energy drains. Your energy drains may be a cluttered office, a file system that isn’t working for you, a call you have been putting off making or a project that isn’t getting done.

Energy drains, when not addressed, tug on you. Often, they are not priorities, but over time they can diminish your efficiency and pull you off center. By creating an open space, you can eliminate them. This type of open space could take the form of an interruption-free afternoon to clean up your office or making the time to get a project done.

By periodically creating some time and open space to get things done, you will maximize your productivity and effectiveness. Don’t put it off. Your work life will run more smoothly and you will thrive.


photo: by sattva,