Is Time In Control Or Are You?

It became clear to me a while ago that the term Time Management is an oxymoron. You cannot manage time; you can only manage your relationship to it.

How is your current relationship with time? Is it a stressful or peaceful one? Do you even consider yourself in a relationship with time? Time is an entity and has a significant role in your life. If you ignore time, it can control you in a harmful way. It is worth paying attention to.

Here are some things to look at regarding your relationship with time:

• For how much of your day are you fully present in the moment?

• Does your “To Do” list create stress for you?

• Do you usually have realistic expectations about the time it will take to get a task done?

• Does multi-tasking work for you?

• How closely related is time to the stress you experience in your life?

Use these questions to think over your relationship with time.  What would characterize a good relationship with time for you?

photo: nirots,