Manager Coaching Skills: Keeping The Focus On Them

When coaching a team member, it may seem elementary to say keep the focus on them. In practice, however, you can easily drift away. What does keeping the focus on them in your coaching entail?

• Accepting that the coaching session is all about the person you are coaching, not about you or others in your team

• Actively listening to what they are saying and also hearing what is not being said. For example, by being aware of their body language

• Only bringing in stories or examples that are directly relevant to where you are leading the conversation (it is sometimes hard not to want to relate your own similar experiences, but this is about them and such stories or examples have to further the direction you want to go in as a coach or they can be a distraction for both of you)

• Being very clear for yourself on what the purpose, goals and desired outcome of the coaching relationship are and what benefits you want it to bring to them, your team and your organization

By keeping the focus on the person you are coaching, you will greatly enhance the probability of a successful coaching relationship and great results for both of you.


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