Rethinking Impossible

We hear the word impossible a little too often in our world. Many times, it is said when we share our aspirations and dreams. As a manager, do you lead your team with a philosophy of possible or of impossible?

Leading from a philosophy of impossible is limiting and inhibits creativity and freedom. Leading from a philosophy of possible opens up the opportunity to think differently, to excel and to do things beyond the status quo. For you and for your team, hearing “impossible” too often to your suggestions and ideas can put you in a small, confining space. However, even if you do hear “impossible” often, you can create a culture of the possible. Key to this is a principle of “no wrong answer”- all ideas are valued, a willingness to tackle sometimes significant challenges to get your ideas accepted, finding a way to create at least a few “wins” for your team – even in the face of “impossible”, accepting that sometimes “impossible” will prevail and cultivating a vibrant optimism that good ideas and approaches can triumph.

What’s “possible” for you and your team in the coming week?

photo: Jeroen van Oostrom,