Ten Positive Reasons For Your Organization To Embrace Coaching

1. The one-on-one attention provided by a coach directly reinforces the goals and expectations you have for your team.

2. Coaches have the skills (and the time you may not have) to uncover how to get the best performance from team members by focusing, in depth, on each individual’s motivations, skills, challenges and aspirations.

3. A coach can help you introduce and implement significant cultural or other changes in your organization, as well as help individual team members navigate that change.

4. A coach can help team members develop their management skills and self – confidence, through individualized attention and focused learning opportunities.

5. A coach can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team and provide a realistic assessment of where you are and where you can go from there.

6. Many team members enthusiastically embrace coaching and see it as an employee benefit, increasing their loyalty to the organization.

7. Coaching can provide individualized follow-up and reinforcement of group training programs, assuring that the training’s benefits are realized.

8. Coaching can enhance your team building efforts as team members share their learning and the positive results of their coaching.

9. A coach provides an impartial perspective and can be a confidential sounding board for team members to try out new ideas and skills.

10. Coaching provides a space for team members to address and optimize personal aspects of their performance (such as work/life balance) that they may not address in group settings.

On my web site home page is a short video that further explains the benefits coaching can have in your organization, if you’d like to check it out!

photo: © Liliwhite | Dreamstime.com