10 Ways To Develop Your Ability To Read The Energy In A Room

Do you focus much, as a manager, on the energy of your organization and team? Reading energy is an acquired and intuitive skill. When you are adept at reading energy you have an advantage. Here are some ways to develop your skill for reading the energy of your team and others.

  1. Observe, observe and observe again
  2. Trust your intuitive feelings
  3. Ask questions that bring out how people feel or think
  4. Watch body language and learn how to interpret it
  5. Stay fully present in the moment and aware of what is happening
  6. Listen carefully to the words people use
  7. Do not preconceive a person’s motives; let their actions inform you
  8. If tension rises and is obvious, call it
  9. Assess the engagement or disengagement of people
  10. Stay neutral to what is happening in the room, so that you can read it


photo: Idea go, FreeDigitalPhotos.net