Working 24/7

For how much of your 24-hour day are you tied to your work? It is not only about when you are physically working. You can be tied to your work emotionally, mentally or other ways, long after your workday is done. It is good to be aware of how much you are “working” and then to set some boundaries that allow you to maintain your balance and freedom.

We are not meant to work 24/7. Working beyond your capacity on a regular basis diminishes your efficiency, effectiveness and ability to enjoy life. People have different levels of capacity and desire to work. Determine what’s best for you.

Life has a lot to offer you. Broadening your life, pursuing your interests and having regular down time can actually make you more successful and enhance your career. Don’t let others push you into working 24/7 by competition, pressure or threat. Find your balance, do your job well and live your life.


photo: David Castillo Dominici,