What are you involved in that is ineffective? There is too much on a manager’s plate these days for you to spend your time and energy on worthless things. What can you let go of, that does not use your time in the best way possible?

This is not about what you do not want to do; it is about discernment. As a manager, you have performance measures to meet and critical things to accomplish. Within organizations, managers can often be distracted from priorities by things that do not warrant their attention. Take a look right now at everything that is on your plate. Is there anything you can identify that is not worthy of your attention? Figure out what you need to do to get it off your plate.

We all know that sometimes there are compelling reasons to do something, even if it is worthless – it will serve another purpose than it is intended for, someone who matters sees it as a priority and you cannot dissuade them or it will take more time and energy to get rid of it, than to do it.

It will serve you well to get the worthless things off your plate and spend your time and energy getting useful things done that move your team and organization forward.

photo: Keattikorn, FreeDigitalPhotos.net