A Sense Of Place

My husband Ermanno and I live rurally in the High Mojave Desert of southern California. Living here has given both of us an enriched sense of place. I grew up in New York City. Developing a sense of place has been an evolution for me. A sense of place has been central to my creativity and balance. For me, a sense of place involves a connection to where you are.

Fritz Steele, an organizational development consultant defines sense of place in this way :

  • the particular experience of a person in a particular setting (feeling stimulated,excited, joyous, expansive, and so forth)
  • the combination of characteristics that gives some locations a special ‘feel’ or personality (such as a spirit of mystery or of identity with a person or group)
  • a person’s immediate surroundings, including both physical and social elements

Why does sense of place matter? I think it matters because your environment affects both you and how you work. Your “place” can be the geography that surrounds you, the building you work in, the culture of your organization and the nature of your social and business interactions.

How would you describe your environment? How do you experience your sense of place?

photo: Ermanno Vanino, ermannovanino.com