I find myself “crunching” quite a bit lately. By crunching I mean doing a lot, at a pretty fast pace. It would be nice to work at an even pace, but that is not reality. To keep my center and balance, I have started to look at crunching as a temporary state through which I have to stay mindful and be aware.

In a “crunch time” I usually put aside anything that does not have to be done right away, in order to create a clear space for what has to be done. I then prepare myself by organizing how I will proceed and setting a timeframe for what I have to do. I also have identified what I call my “911” signs that I am losing center or nearing overload – things like making mistakes, being short or irritated with others or feeling frustrated that I won’t get it all done. I also pace myself, either for a long distance race or a short sprint.

Crunching, once recognized, can be an effective tool for getting things done. Do you crunch? What allows you to keep it together when you are crunching?

photo:  by Iqoncept Dreamstime Photos