Getting Something Out Of Every Minute

Productivity is not just about going faster. It is about being able to keep going. Stamina, perspective, discernment and balance are essential to productivity. You are human, not a machine. You cannot maintain a constant, high rate of productivity without paying attention to the rest of your needs.

So, what do you do as more and more demands are heaped on you? You can start by pulling yourself back a step, looking at your whole life and assessing how productive you are. Rather than starting with others’ measures, start with your own. Are you at the peak of your productivity? Is anything diminishing your productivity or draining your energy? What can you do about it? Are you happy? Is your life balanced? Taking a look at your whole life may reveal some signs of what is affecting your productivity, either negatively or positively.

Living fully in the present moment is the most productive anyone can be. You bring your whole self to everything you do and you get something out of every minute. You will become aware of your needs more fully. It may take some practice. If you can start increasing your productivity by bringing all you have to every moment, you are on your way to a level of productivity that will endure and serve you well.


photo:  Stuart Miles,