How Do You Disconnect From Your Work As A Manager?

Work nowadays can be 24/7. You will not survive, in the long run, without balance and down time in your life. How do you disconnect from your work as a manager?

Disconnecting is not about a 5-minute break or about coming home from work exhausted, going to bed and starting again in the morning. Nor, is it about taking a vacation once a year. The nature of disconnecting is breaking your connection to work. It is not always easy to make a break. We go at such a fast pace and have so much pressure, that a momentum builds, that is hard to stop. Many organizations keep up this pace and are not encouraging about breaking from it.

Disconnecting often requires you to make a hard stop. It also requires strong intent and being convinced of its value to you. But, if you find a way, at least once a week, to disconnect from your work you will find your efficiency, productivity and satisfaction increasing exponentially. How do you disconnect from your work?

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