Manager Dysfunction – 2

In a previous blog post, I wrote about addressing where your dysfunctions lie  as a manager. What if the dysfunction exists around you?

So much dysfunction exists today in organizations, you wonder if it is even possible to manage well. It is, but it takes vision, awareness, discernment and leadership. It can be like walking in a minefield. To manage well in a dysfunctional organization, clear and strong communication is paramount – to your team, peers, superiors and other co – workers. This communication is both verbal and by written record. The organization has to know what you are doing and why. You have to be able to turn on a dime – to respond well to changes in direction – by accepting them or challenging them. You also have to practice some detachment, so the dysfunction does not tie you in knots, making it difficult for you and your team to excel.

I am not recommending you accept dysfunction, if it is harming you. My suggestions are intended to help in navigating dysfunctional environments, by staying sane and on your game.

photo: David Castillo Dominici,