Managing has enough challenges – adding pressure to the mix can undo you. Pressure comes in many forms – direct pressure from others to produce; unrealistic expectations; not having the resources and time you need; your own fears of whether you and your team can deliver – to name a few.

How can you deal with pressure when it starts to be too much? You can get away for a short time to regain perspective and prevent a situation that you may regret later. You can communicate clearly to others why their expectations are creating pressure – in a positive context of finding a way to meet those expectations. You can get fully present in the moment and map out a way for you and your team to deal with the pressure.

Handling pressure effectively asks a lot of you. It asks you to stay balanced and healthy, which aids you in dealing with the effects of pressure. It asks you to be able to stretch when you need to. It asks for discernment, so you know when to jump and when jumping is futile. It asks for confidence in your abilities and those of your team.

Developing your skill for handling pressure will propel your career and your performance. Take a look at how you handle the pressure of your job and develop your ability to manage pressure well.

photo: Stuart Miles,