10 Ways To Successfully “Manage Up”

1. Step back and take every opportunity to observe and understand upper management – what their priorities, stresses, styles and challenges are. Compare them with yours.

2. Find the win-wins between your goals and those of upper management and go for them.

3. Do your job extremely well, so that upper management takes notice of what you can contribute.

4. Collaborate with all levels of your organization, so that upper management’s job is easier.

5. Communicate clearly, giving just the right amount of information; not wasting their time, but providing what they need.

6. Communicate your and your teams’ successes.

7. When problems occur, think them out and bring upper management solid options for solving them.

8. Accept accountability for your and your team’s performance.

9. Be true to yourself, so that upper management knows who you are.

10. Ask for feedback and take it to heart.


photo: TeddyBear(Picnic), FreeDigitalPhotos.net