There is a lot going on as we approach the end of the year. Sometimes, the pace and pressure can be too much. One thing to watch out for, is allowing yourself to sidetrack into distraction. It’s a natural impulse. You don’t want to deal with a situation, so you find away to get away from it. The problems come when you stay there. Many times, distraction is unproductive and doesn’t give you anything back.

Say, you start browsing randomly on the Internet and you get caught up in something meaningless. How have you helped yourself relating to the things that were going on? Distraction can be destructive. The world moves on and you are sidetracked. At some point when you get back, you are behind and have not been a participant during your distraction.

Instead of sidetracking into distraction, you can handle the desire to escape by creating a temporary diversion that allows you to regroup and get yourself to a better place. You do it consciously, knowing you have to return to what you were doing and using the diversion to make you stronger and better able to handle the pressure. When I start feeling overwhelm, sometimes I’ll take a walk and other times, take just a few minutes to read the paper, knowing it will be a short time and I will return to my work in a better place.

What kinds of distractions are you capable of creating between now and the end of the year? How will you deal with them?

photo: marin, FreeDigitalPhotos.net