Where Is Your Center As A Manager?

We hear a lot about balance and finding your center as essential elements of peak performance. What is this about?

Your “center” is the place where your awareness of yourself and what is around you is high, where you are balanced among the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your life and where you perform in your highest capacity. Keeping yourself in your center takes effort. Balance is dynamic; it is not a “once I get there, I stay there” type of thing. You need to work at finding and remaining in your center.

Do you have a sense of where your center, as a manager, is? Your center as a manager involves several things:

• The core values you hold for your managing

• Your style as a manager

• The balance you need physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to perform at your peak

• Your aspirations for yourself, your team and your organization

• A strong connection to your intuition or “gut feelings”

To stay in your center, you need effective ways to deal with stress, methods or processes to regain your center when you are distracted from it, emotional intelligence about yourself and others, ways to keep your mind at its best (avoiding mind chatter and anxiety, for example) and the ability to integrate the various aspects of your life into a coherent whole.

How are you doing with keeping your center as you manage?

photo: tungphoto, FreeDigitalPhotos.net