Do It Yesterday!

We’ve all had experiences of being given near to impossible deadlines with aplomb, as if what was being asked for was reasonable. Have you ever been told, “Do it yesterday”? How can you respond to such a request? Run fast. Just kidding. ☺ Being fully present in the moment is quite important here. You need to be at your best to figure out what to do. From the present, you can assess the situation and determine what is possible. You may have to say it cannot be done, but before you do, think it out and come up with some options.

If the person asking you persists, roll with them awhile. But, be very careful not to let them put you in a position where pressure and stress build and you lose your ability to deal effectively with the situation. One approach that can work is to assume their ownership of the situation, suggesting you collaborate and come up with a solution together.

Shield your team as you can. Certainly, there will be times of crisis, need or opportunity where you all have to push and go the extra mile. Look for wins and avoid impossible demands like “Do it yesterday!”.

photo: Stephen Vanhorn,