Free Flow Management 4: How Does Collaboration Fit In?

In my previous posts on Free Flow Management we’ve looked at letting go of structure and visioning. With the freedom involved in free flow management, what happens when collaboration is required and team dynamics come into play? Perhaps one team member’s flow is in one direction and another team member’s flow is in the opposite one. For example, one team member needs quiet and open space to create effectively, while another needs group brainstorming.

There are no set answers to how best to integrate free flow management with collaborative projects. One approach is to allow collaboration to slightly trump the free flow. Using a free flow approach, work with the team to create a process for working together. The starting point is honoring the aspects of each person’s free flow. Then, you can move to a team discussion (with no wrong answers) on how to proceed with the project. Even within free flow, there is a need for some structure. The key is to allow the structure to evolve organically, depending on the particulars of each situation.

If there is power in numbers, collaborative free flow management can result in innovative and effective results for you and your team.

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