Discernment Is a Skill

Discernment: the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently.Merriam- Webster Dictionary

Many things can obscure your ability to see situations clearly. If you do not see clearly, you are acting on faulty data that can lead to faulty action.

Have you cultivated discernment as a management skill? Here are some ways that you can.

• Identify some of the “filters” you bring to how you see things. For example, if you highly value efficiency and organization and experience a person that is not so, you conclude they do not know what they are doing.

• Identify situations at work that  “press your buttons” and cause you to lose your center.

• Identify any insecurities you bring to your work and how they affect your interactions and perceptions. For example, “I am never appreciated enough for all I do”.

• Identify any “blind spots’ you may have that obscure your perceptions. For example, you think that everyone has good intentions to start with. Or bad intentions!

Discernment is an acquired skill that comes with experience, observation and focus. Become more discerning and watch your skills as a manager take a leap upward!


photo: dan, FreeDigitalPhotos.net